Communication / Marketing strategy
Responsible for brainstorming about strategic marketing / communications plans to provide directions for the company's revenue goal.
Representing company's values.
Customer relations
Establishing solid partnerships and providing individual customer support answering questions however they come and managing feedback.
Managing communication processes.
Business development 
Depending on the company and depending on how senior the role is, Responsible for business development and sales.
Attending specific industry events
Goal-oriented communication among existing cultural diversity

Outgoing personality
easy to walk into networking events and comfortable introducing myself to strangers
Writing skills 
background (especially Bachelor) in Public Relation, Communication, Journalism and English Literature
Interest in various industries
passionate and interested in clients venue, product and service 
Willingness to work around the clock 
Many jobs involve working some evenings and weekends 
Good attitude and management skills
great self-management skills, ability to multitask, intelligence,
charismatic character
PR experienced

Bachelor’s degree in marketing, communication, journalism and entrepreneurship
Further education in International Relationships
6+ years’ experience in news journalism and marketing 
Strong familiarity with global business markets and trend developments
Knowledge of project management and design best practices 
Understanding of international relationship metrics; able to interpret the results and take action to increase effectiveness of ROI 
Experience establishing metrics, gleaning community insights and reporting/recommending strategies that achieve cooperative goals 
Excellent communication skills and creative bilingual writing skills 

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