Deep research results of a theme that requires to be visualised in magnificent motion pictures.
Simple, subtle, thoughtful.
Me as an Aesthetic Video Journalist achieves this desired goal. 
As my expertise expresses journalistic research in combination with cinematic pictorial language,
insight field research and on site shooting conducted by a charismatic personality.


Field Research:     What's the ultimate goal of clients intention > 
                           Extensive research. (systematic and out-of-the-box)
Scripting:             Writing the story. 
Directing:             Creative Direction, Conduction of Interviews
Filming:               Shooting aesthetic images of locations, cities, people, cultures, environments,...etc. pp.
Editing:                Post Production: Composing footage according to Script with graphics / effects / music.                  
Target:                 Audiences Sympathy for clients service / product / vision which consequences increasing ROI

Skills and Qualifications
++         Bachelor of Arts Degree in TV Journalism and Media Economics
++    3 years employment as Broadcast News Journalist : Politics and Economics 
++ 10 years Self-Contracted Service in Video Editing, Video Journalism and Creative Direction 
         for Companies in Tech and Retail 
++   4 years Company Management of global acting corporate for bridging Cultural Interests
++  IT :  Canon Camera MK I -IV , Leica M, Sony Betacam, Adobe Creative Suite (entire), 
           Mac Operating and Windows Operating Systems, NC Power Management, Citrix Management Systems
++ Vast entrepreneurial experience due to international collaboration with Angels and VCs 

++  Solid top-notch network to great minds in the area of global actors and researchers 

#forwardthinking #opinionated #confident #visionary #curious #optimistic #dynamic #teamplayer #teamplayer #teamplayer #valuewoman #stylish #travelactive #empathic #culturewise​​​​​​​
About herself
" Aesthetic Video Journalism is the language i speak, a way of perceiving reality, 
how i see what's happening underneath the surface while filming the surface...
and converting it into understandable visual content for the external viewer. "

Her passion lies in seeing beyond the surface, feelings, emotions, the unknown-known...
By sensing the others desired outcome gives her the ultimate kick to envision ones target -
on an emotional and on a visual level.

​Her language is pictorial.
Her mind curious.
Her heart authentic.
Her soul wise.

Intensified her technical expertise in video production by gaining the bachelor of arts degree in 2010; 
by collaborating with leading avant-garde artists of Germans music and fashion scene & 
with years of making broadcast news journalism in politics and economics; 
additionally living on four continents with its interrelated cultural diversity, she's elaborated her own brand:

​The aesthetic video journalist composes beautiful videographic visions
 from that what is and gives emotional directions for what can be.

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